How to cope with the loss of a pet


Nothing can prepare you for losing a beloved family member. When that family member is your pet, though, there is a unique set of emotions you must deal with. These emotions are the natural way we grieve over losing a loved member of our family and staff at Central Vets & pets are there to help you through this difficult decision.

Putting an animal to sleep is often the final act of kindness that one can do for a pet and is something that all pet owners have to face.  

At Central Vets & Pets we understand your feelings and those of your pet and provide a personalised service allowing you both to say goodbye in private and with dignity.  When saying goodbye, we allow time for this process so you will never be rushed and we provide you with a private remembrance room to be with your pet throughout.

There are many decisions and choices that have to be made over this period in time and one of these is whether or not your pet truly is ready to go.  There are many instances when we are asked to put an animal to sleep yet the owners have not considered that there may be other options that may prolong and enhance their quality of life. For example, animals with arthritis, kidney, liver or cardiac issues may seem tired and all is lost, but with certain cases, there are treatments available that certainly enhance the remaining quality of life for you and your pet.

Our veterinary surgeons evaluate each and every case and will inform you of the best option available.  If this means there may be a treatment process to help then they will let you know at the time.

In cases where euthanasia is the only remaining option then further decisions need to be made by the owner in that is the pet being taken home for burial, or is it to be cremated and do the owners want the ashes returned and if so in a scatter box or in a Rimu wooden urn with a plaque.

These decisions seem a little daunting at the time. 

Central Vets & Pets staff are there to help you throughout this difficult period and help get the best for both you and your pet.

If you have any questions about making this decision please contact one of the veterinary surgeons at Central Vets & Pets to discuss what is the best option for you both on 06 3503950 or e mail any queries to and one of our team will be in touch.